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GFNY SPEED sunglasses are extremely technical, they are made of revolutionary materials to be very light but durable and are designed especially for cycling.

Ultra Light - the lightest sunglasses you’ve ever worn.
GFNY SPEED sunglasses provide the largest field of vision possible while maintaining your comfort.

Lenses offer outstanding transparency for the sharpest, most detailed visibility of your surroundings while keeping out the harmful UV rays.

The GFNY SPEED frame is made of TR90, the lightest engineered plastic in existence.

The strong frame and polycarbonate lenses are extremely resistant to stress cracks to keep you safe.

Top ventilation panels provide a special method of air flow to minimize fogging.

Bendable rubber ends are made with ultra-light flexible metal wires that can be adjusted to grip your head and keep the sunglasses comfortably in place.

Rubber nose pads adjust for your comfort.
Amazing style that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Made in Italy.

GFNY Speed, made by cyclists for cyclists, with close attention to every detail. We use GFNY SPEED sunglasses ourselves in all our cycling and love them!


UV filter effect up to 380 nm to provide high protection for the eyes from harmful radiation. The damage caused by UV radiation (especially on the crystalline lens of the eye) of type B – the one with a wavelength between 315 and 380 nm - will be reduced by the use a lens able to block its transmission. The polycarbonate lenses used in GFNY Sunglasses is the only material that is able to block all the radiations with a wavelength under 380nm.

Polycarbonate lenses used in GFNY Sunglasses are characterized by homogeneous material, clearness and plain surface without any disturbing elements in view, thanks to a special production process that consists of using high temperature and pressure.

High impact resistance of the TR90 frame means that the sunglasses can be mistreated, fall to the ground, and absorb impact with no damage.

Impact caused by a fall is just one of the situations that might occur and that may cause serious consequences. The GFNY Speed Sunglasses – and in particular the lenses – need to be able to bear these incidental situations by ensuring the highest protection and safety possible. The polycarbonate passes each test of impact resistance to be classi ed as a safe material.

GFNY Sunglasses have UV 400 protection against ultra-violet light, but they are not polarized. Polarized lenses protect against water glares or car hood glares, but also have some visual distortion. GFNY Sunglasses have lenses that provide the clearest visibility to be aware of all your surroundings.



Lense: Clear
Lense: Clear

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