About Us

GFNY produces the highest quality, technical cycling garments. We continuously analyze evolving trends and new fabrics to provide you a garment that's at the cutting edge of style, performance and innovation. 
We are cyclists who ride and race 10 000-25 000km per year and create GFNY Apparel according to our requirements. We exclusively wear GFNY Apparel in all our cycling and we only want to wear the best, just like you. GFNY Apparel is made by GFNY cyclists for GFNY cyclists. 
Established in 2016, GFNY Apparel is the official apparel of GFNY World. You receive the same model GFNY jersey at every GFNY Cycling race and the matching cycling apparel is also the same consistent quality, globally.
GFNY Apparel is produced in Italy, but it’s not the factory's in-house line that is just custom printed. GFNY Apparel is developed in every detail to GFNY’s demanding specifications: pattern, sizing, fabrics, sowing method, zippers, pullers, silicone, design, product features. You can only get GFNY-quality gear from GFNY Apparel brand.
Our commitment to quality is the reason why we created the GFNY Apparel brand, so we can control every aspect of the garments that bear the GFNY logo and deliver you an item that we are proud to call GFNY. Being consistent with high quality products, sizing, and trendsetting color palettes and designs are a significant improvement to the athlete experience, and a hallmark of the GFNY brand. 

Performance - Style - Innovation

Performance. Cyclists can face the greatest variability in weather during just one ride. GFNY Apparel is lightweight, reactive, packable, quick-drying and protective to meet the demands of even the longest day in the saddle. 
Style. Looking good is just as important as feeling good. We update GFNY styles constantly to be on-trend. We want your GFNY Apparel not only to feel good and help you perform your best, but also to have you looking sharp.
Innovation. We continuously create new products or update fabrics on existing pieces, and then produce many samples to test the cuts, fabrics, panels, densities, styles, everything. The research, development and testing process takes months. Each GFNY garment is a result of rigorous research and testing to provide you an article of clothing that reacts to your body’s movements, wicks away moisture and has a great fit for your comfort and performance.

Apparel features


Made in Italy

GFNY Apparel is Made in Italy, produced at the world’s leading cycling apparel factory. With 60 years of experience in cutting and sewing the highest quality cycling clothing, the factory has a rich and storied history of making apparel for World Champions and Grand Tour champions and their teams and currently outfits half the World Tour peloton. GFNY Apparel is produced by cycling apparel experts. 
For us, visiting the factory is a homage to cycling history, and always a scene. The factory has several conference rooms and usually hosts several simultaneous meetings with Who’s Who of cycling, with corresponding team and cycling brand cars in the parking lot.
The factory has many specialized departments, like fabrics, pattern-making, design, production, etc, as well as a variety of product specialists. The catalog of products is immense, as well as the variety of fabric options, silicone types, zippers, zipper pullers, everything. The factory’s care for even the smallest detail is stunning. 
Italian textiles are the best in the world. GFNY Apparel utilizes hi-tech fabrics produced in-house at our partner factory, as well from other highest-quality Italian fabric manufacturers.
The GFNY partner factory is Oeko-Tex certified, 100 Class: GFNY apparel does not contain components and chemicals that are dangerous for your skin and rest of the body which means the apparel is also low impact on the environment. There are no harmful residues getting into the water when washing or ultimately discarding the items.

GFNY Apparel history

Back in 2010, when we held GFNY preparatory meetings with local police officials ahead of the 1st ever GFNY, several officials voiced their concern: how will we know if this cyclist is an official race participant, we must have a way to identify the participants. At that moment the mandatory GFNY jersey was born.
GFNY didn’t invent the mandatory race jersey, we’ve done several races in Italy that had a mandatory jersey. All those ended up in the back of the drawer for their poor quality: the cut, zipper, small pockets or fabric, or all of the above. We had to wear it for a few hours, then the race was done and we can go back to wearing our favorite jerseys. We made sure to create a top-quality GFNY jersey (and the matching apparel), so you get to enjoy wearing it long after the race.
For the first years of GFNY, we partnered with two cycling brands and produced their in-house lines with custom print. With each order, we ran into obstacles with fit or fabrics or production capacity and as soon as we found a partner factory, we jumped on the chance to create GFNY Apparel brand, where we control each GFNY item style from start to finish.